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When Knowing Isn’t Enough: Understanding Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teac
Amber Benedict, Yujeong Park, Mary Brownell, Elizabeth Bettini
University of Florida, University of Tennessee, Boston University
School of Special Education, University of Florida
Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education, University of Tennessee
Special education program, Boston University

Research investigating the relationship between teaching quality and student outcomes has found that teachers with higher knowledge for content and pedagogy are more likely to spend more time using effective practices while teaching than teachers with less knowledge. This is important, especially for teachers of students with specific learning disabilities, whose teachers require specialized knowledge and skill to support them in making gains. This qualitative study investigates three teachers’ knowledge and skill of effective fluency instruction for teaching students with specific learning disabilities. Using three different approaches to assessing teacher knowledge, researchers examined the misconceptions, consistencies, and contradictions revealed in teachers’ understandings across data sources. The researchers encourage researchers, teacher educators, and those involved in teacher evaluation to examine teacher understanding from multiple perspectives.



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