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Title : Dr.
First Name : HAEGYEOM
Last Name : KIM
Email ID : kimhaegyeom1@gmail.com
Country : United States
State : California
Zipcode : 94720
Department : Materials Sciences Division
Area of Research
Battery, Electrochemistry, Materials science
Area of Expertise
Battery, Electrochemistry, Materials science
Brief Description of Research Interest :

-       Materials design for rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors 

-      Materials characterization for understanding energy storage mechanism

-       Design of next generation energy storage materials and systems

Representative Publications :

Recent progress and perspective in electrode materials for K-ion batteries. Haegyeom Kim,† Jae Chul Kim, † Matteo Bianchini, † Dong-Hwa Seo,Jorge Rodriguez-Garcia, and Gerbrand Ceder* Advanced Energy Materials. Vol. 8,1702384. (2018) †Equal contribution

The most accessed article from Advanced EnergyMaterials [December 2017]

Investigation of potassium storage inlayered P3-type K0.5MnO2 cathode. Haegyeom Kim, Dong-Hwa Seo, Jae Chul Kim, Shou-Hang Bo, Lei Liu, Tan Shi, Gerbrand Ceder*Advanced Materials. Vol. 29,1702480. (2017)

K-ion batteries based on a P2-type K0.6CoO2cathode. Haegyeom Kim, Jae Chul Kim,Shou-Hang Bo, Tan Shi, Deok Hwang Kwon, and Gerbrand Ceder*.Advanced Energy Materials, Vol. 7, 1700098(2017)

Exploiting lithium-etherco-intercalation in graphite for high-power lithium-ion batteries. Haegyeom Kim, †Kyungmi Lim, † Gabin Yoon, Jae-Hyuk Park, Kyojin Ku, Hee-Dae Lim,Yung-Eun Sung, and Kisuk Kang*.Advanced Energy Materials, Vol. 7, 1700418(2017) †Equal contribution

A comparative study of graphiteelectrode using co-intercalation phenomenon for rechargeable Li, Na and Kbatteries. Haegyeom Kim, Gabin Yoon,Kyungmi Lim, and Kisuk KangChemical Communications, Vol. 52,12618-12621 (2016)

Intrinsic Nanodomains in Triplite LiFeSO4Fand Its Implication in Lithium-Ion Diffusion Dong-Hwa Seo,† Kyu-YoungPark,† Haegyeom Kim,†Sung-Kyun Jung, and Min-Sik Park, Kisuk Kang Advanced Energy Materials. 1701408 (2017)†Equal contribution

Recent progress in electrode materialsfor sodium-ion batteries. Hyungsub Kim, † Haegyeom Kim, † Zhang Ding, Myeong Hwan Lee, Kyungmi Lim, Gabin Yoon, andKisuk Kang*Advanced Energy Materials, Vol. 6, 1600943(2016) †Equal contribution

The most accessed article from Advanced Energy Materials [June 2016-May 2017]

Understanding origin of voltagehysteresis in conversion reaction for Na rechargeable batteries: The case ofcobalt oxides. Haegyeom Kim, Hyunchul Kim,Hyungsub Kim, Jinsoo Kim, Gabin Yoon, Kyungmi Lim, Won-Sub Yoon, and Kisuk KangAdvanced Functional Materials, Vol. 26,5042-5050 (2016).


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