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Name of PDA : Postdoc of the Month Application Information
University / Institution : Postdoc of the Month Awards
Address 1 : Journal of Postdoctoral Research
City : Westlake Village
Country : United States
State : California
Zip/Pin Code : 91359
Email : editor-in-chief@postdocjournal.com
Title : Postdoc of the Month Application Information

The Journal is now acceptingapplications for the “Postdoc of the Month” award. Postdocs from all disciplines are eligible to apply.

The award will highlight an outstanding postdoc in ANY field based on 3primary criteria:

1.    Publication record as a postdoc

2.    Awards, fellowships, grants, other recognitions (e.g. patents) receivedas a postdoc

3.    Dedication to the betterment of the postdoc and/or scientific community


The awardees will have their research profile showcased in that month’sissue of the Journal to recognize their achievements. The awardee will beinvited to write a “Spotlight” article (review, original research, or methodspaper) featured in a future edition of Journal of Postdoctoral Research. Inaddition, all winners will be considered for the Postdoc of the Year award based on a committed involvement to thecontinued growth of the Journal.


How to apply:

Email your nominations to editor-in-chief@postdocjournal.com. We will accept both self-and peer-nominations.

Please include a briefstatement (500 words or less) as to why the individual deserves the Postdoc ofthe Month award. Attach an abbreviated CV with education history, publicationrecord, all awards, fellowships, grants, or other academic/researchrecognitions received as a postdoc, and information on any involvement in thebetterment of the postdoc community*. If the applicant has not engaged in anypostdoc specific activities, please list any activities performed for thebetterment of the scientific community**. Also include the name and contactdetails of two references who could write a brief recommendation on your behalf(for peer nominations, include only the email of one additional person).

Nominations will beaccepted on a rolling basis and failure to obtain a Postdoc of the Month awardthe first month after submission does not preclude an applicant from selectionin future months. Applicants can also update their submission at any point toinclude new publications, awards, or activities that may improve their chanceof acceptance.

*Examples of activities that promote the betterment of the postdoc community:

**Examples of activities that promote the betterment of the scientific community:

- Participating in a local or national postdoc association

- Leading postdoctoral seminars, career advancement or research based

- Advocating for postdocs, locally or nationally

- Contributions to Journal of Postdoctoral Research

- Volunteering to promote science education

- Mentoring in science

- Involvement in a professional scientific organization

- Science advocacy


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