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Title : Dr.
First Name : SARAH
Last Name : SOLTAU
Email ID : soltausr@anl.gov
Country : United States
State : Illinois
Zipcode : 60439
Department : Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Area of Research
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Area of Expertise
Metalloproteins, Solar Fuels, Photochemistry
Brief Description of Research Interest :

My research focuses primarily on developing new architectures for solar fuel production using protein environments. These systems append native photosynthetic proteins with synthetic catalysts to produce hydrogen photocatalytically from water. In addition, I am investigating artificial photo sensitizer – protein – catalyst hybrid systems to produce hydrogen. I analyze electron transfer in these systems using a variety of spectroscopic and biophysical techniques including electron paramagnetic resonance, transient optical spectroscopy, and electro chemistry. I am interested in using proteins to study a variety of interesting challenges in energy, environmental, or health related fields.

Representative Publications :

Soltau, SR; Dahlberg, PD; Niklas, J; Poluektov,OG; Mulfort, KL; Utschig, LM. Ru-protein-Co biohybrids designed for solarhydrogen production: understanding electron transfer pathways related tophotocatalytic function. Chemical Science,2016, DOI: 10.1039/c6sc03121h.

Soltau, SR; Niklas, J;Dahlberg, PD; Tiede, DM; Poluektov, OG; Mulfort, KL; Utschig, LM. Aqueous light-driven hydrogen production by a Ru-Ferredoxin-Co biohybrid. Chemical Communications, 2015, 51,10628-31.

Utschig, LM; Soltau, SR; Tiede, DM. Light driven hydrogen production from photosystem-I catalyst hybrids. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2015,25, 1-8.

Frey, ST; Guilmet,SL; Egan, RG; Bennett, A; Soltau,SR; Holz, RC.  Immobilization of the aminopeptidase from Aeromonas proteolytica on Mg2+/Al3+ layered double hydroxide particles.  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2010, 2,2828-32.

Frey, MW; Frey, ST; Soltau, SR.  Exploring the pH dependence ofL-leucine-p-nitroanilide cleavage by amino peptidase aeromonas proteolytica: a combined buffer-enzyme kinetics experiment for the general chemistry laboratory.  Chemical Educator, 2010, 15, 117-20.


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