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Biodegradable Comb-like Dendritic Tri-block Copolymer Promotes Nerve Cell Functions
Changhong Zhao, Jiansheng Yu and Meizhong Hu
Tongren Polytechnic College
Department of Pharmacy, Tongren Polytechnic College, Education Park of Tongren, Tongren 554300, China

Novel symmetric biodegradable dendritic tri-block copolymer, consisting of a core of hydrophobic poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) block and 32 poly(L-lysine) (PLL) arms, was synthesized via a facile chemistry route. The as-synthesized tri-block copolymer was characterized with 1H NMR, water contact angle measurements, GPC test, and DSC analysis. The 1H NMR and GPC tests indicated that the tri-block copolymer, PLL-PLLA-PLL, with well-defined architecture was synthesized. The water contact angle measurements demonstrated that the incorporation of L-lysine improved prominently the hydrophilicity, and the DSC analysis indicated that the crystalline region of PLLA was slightly modified by the L-lysine component, decreasing melting temperature and crystallinity in the PLL-PLLA-PLL copolymer. NPCs and PC12 cells were seeded on PLLA, dendritic PLLA with 32 L-lysine terminals (d-PLLA-d), and PLL-PLLA-PLL films to investigate cell attachment, proliferation, and differentiation. The results strongly demonstrated that d-PLLA-d and PLL-PLLA-PLL films, especially PLL-PLLA-PLL films, dramatically promoted cell attachment, proliferation, and, more importantly, differentiation, particularly neurite outgrowth.



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