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Jadomycins: A Study of Their Synthesis and Biological Evaluation
Ehesan U. Sharif, PhD, and George A. O’Doherty, PhD
Arcus Biosciences, and Northeastern University
Arcus Biosciences, 3928 Point Eden Way, Hayward, CA 94545, USA
Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02125, USA

Jadomycins are anticancer antibiotics isolated from Streptomyces venezuelae. The core of these natural products consists of a dihydro-phenanthridine ring-system. Another unique feature built to the core is a fused 1,3-oxazolidine-5-one ring. Recent synthetic reports suggest a structural revision of the fused oxazolidinone ring in jadomycin S and jadomycin T. This review will focus on the synthetic efforts leading to the structural revision, and the semisynthetic approaches to generate new jadomycin analogs and their biological activity.


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