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EDITORIAL: Mining gold to treat the untreatable: Design, Synthesis and Characterization o
Sharmistha Mitra, PhD
UTSouthwestern Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics, Division of Neurology, UTSMC, Dallas, TX 75390, USA.

The current field of anticancer therapy is dominated by organic molecules. However, after FDA approval of the platimum based drug Cisplatin in 1978 and its positive effects to treat testicular and ovarian cancer, there came an urge to design more metal based anticancer drugs which would be more selective, non-toxic to non-targeting cells and will have reduced side effects. Following the success of Cisplatin, came the gold based anti cancer drug Auranofin, which showed immunosuppressory properties as well. Gold’s oxidation state +3 is similar in chemical configation as platinum and on the top gold complexes show antiinflammatory and immunospressory properties5. Therefore, there were several reports afterwards which emphasized the synthesis and use of gold based complexes as potetial drugs against cancer. Most of the gold complexes described so far targets enzymes or proteins inside the cells. Gold complexes targeting DNA are rare. 


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