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Recent discoveries of Cohesin Establishment and Maintenance in Eukaryotes
Debjani Pal, PhD
Wexner Medical School
WMS, Columbus, OH 43210

Cohesin is multi-subunit protein that encompasses naked DNA.  In eukaryotes, cohesin is es-sential for accurate segregation of the sister chromatids during mitosis and meiosis. Majority of cohesin complexes are removed from chromosomes during prophase in higher eukaryotes. WAPL mediated opening of the cohesin ring at the junction between the SMC3 ATPase do-main and the N-terminal domain of cohesin's α-kleisin subunit has been shown in flies and human.
Cohesin complex also plays a role in DNA damage repair, regulation of gene expression and chromosome condensation. In this commentary, recent discoveries of the mode of mecha-nism of cohesin establishment and maintenance in higher eukaryotes has been highlighted.



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