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Therapeutic Potential of Biologically Active Resin Glycoside Natural Products
Ehesan U. Sharif, PhD.
Stanford University/Arcus Biosciences
Department of Chemistry, Arcus Biosciences, 3928 Point Eden Way, Hayward, CA 94545, USA

Resin glycosides are naturally occurring oligosaccharides, primarily found in the morning glory plants (convolvulaceous family). The unique structural feature of this class of natural products is the presence of a macrolactone ring. The hydrophobic side-chain of the macrolactone maintains a fine balance on the highly polar polysaccharide backbone, making them amphiphilic. Various parts of the morning glory plant have been used as folk medicines for centuries throughout the world.  The commentary bellow emphasizes on the potential application of resin glycosides in the development of new therapies. 


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