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Phage Therapy: Future Inquiries
Sijia Wu, Elisabeth Zachary, Keenan Wells, and Catherine Loc­-Carrillo
University of Utah
 School of Medicine, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Western scientists have steadily been gaining interest in phage therapy since the mid-1980's due to the rising problem of antibiotic resistance. Its introduction in the 20th century by Felix d'Herelle marked the beginning for the uses of bacteriophages as antibacterial agents. However, a lack in understanding phage biology, as well as the arrival of broad-spectrum antibiotics deprioritized using phage therapy to treat bacterial infections in the West. With the advent of molecular biology, we are now better able to understand the predator-prey relationships with which phage co-evolve with their hosts as well as the specificity of phage-host interactions which could lend itself into personalized treatments for infection. These discoveries give us greater insights on how to most effectively use bacteriophage as potential therapeutic agents.......

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