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Application of Lattice-Cluster Theory for Predicting High-Pressure Phase Equilibrium of H
Leyuan Xu, Hao Zhang, and Yue Wu.
Virginia Commonwealth University. USA
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia 23284 USA
 Hyperbranched (HB) polymers, one of those novel polymers with unique structures, have been receiving increased attention over the past two decades. Compared with linear polymers, HB polymer solutions exhibit a reduced viscosity and enhanced solubility, making them promising
materials as fuel additives for lubrication in oil industry, as drug encapsulates for controlled release in biomedical engineering, and as selective solvents for extraction in extractive distillation and absorption processes in chemical engineering. Given their unique properties when compared with linear polymers, numerous groups have developed various models to predict the thermodynamic properties of partially or highly branched polymers. However, most of the models are based on the assumption of incompressible fluids and cannot take into account the pressure dependence of the
thermodynamic properties along with the effect of branching. On the other hand,.......

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