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Osteosarcoma: mouse models, cell of origin and cancer stem cell
Maria V. Guijarro
University of Florida
Gene Therapy Lab. Dept. Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. USF 1600 Archer Road, MSB M2-­-212. Gainesville, FL 32610, USA

Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common non-hematologic primary tumor of bone in children and adults. High-dose cytotoxic chemotherapy and surgical resection have improved prognosis, with long-term survival for non-metastatic disease approaching 70%. However, most OS tumors are high grade and tend to rapidly develop pulmonary metastases. Despite clinical advances, patients with metastatic disease or relapse have a poor prognosis. Here the cell biology of OS is reviewed with a special emphasis on mouse models as well as the roles of the cell of origin and cancer stem cells. A better understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of human OS is essential for the development of improved prognostic and diagnostic markers as well as targeted therapies for both primary and metastatic OS.


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