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A Short Review on Pyrazole Derivatives and their Applications
Samet Mert, Rahmi Kasimogullari, and Salim Ok.
Dumlupinar University, Turkey, and The Ohio State University
Department of Chemistry, Dumlupinar University, 43100 Kutahya, Turkey,
School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Pyrazole is a heterocyclic organic compound having a 5-membered ring structure with three carbon atoms and two neighbor nitrogen atoms. There are several applications of pyrazole core based organic molecules in various areas including pharmacy and agro-chemical industries. There is an increase in the interest of synthesizing, analyzing different properties, and seeking possible applications of pyrazole derivatives. Our research efforts have been focusing on different aspects of pyrazoles including facile synthesis, their behavior in biodegradable polymers, and investigating their bioactivity. In this short review article, the aim is to show the trend in the research on pyrazole derivatives.

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