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The Future of Research Symposium: Facilitating Postdoctoral Involvement in the Future of
Gary S McDowell, Kristin Krukenberg, and Jessica Polka
Tufts University, and Harvard Medical School

Tufts University, 200 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA02155, USA. And Harvard Medical School,Warren Alpert Building, Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA, 02115, USA.


The scientific enterprise is facing a series ofchallenges that will directly impact the careers of postdocs both presently andin the future. A growing body of literature and correspondence highlights theconcerns that are felt by many senior researchers and policy-makers in theacademic and wider research community. However, the involvement of postdoctoral researchers in this discussionhas so far been minimal and isolated.  A symposiumis being organized in Boston October 2-3, 2014, which aims to give postdoctoralresearchers an opportunity to express their concerns, discuss the issues thatscientific research is currently facing, and come together to present to thewider research community a united voice on our views of the action required topromote the scientific endeavor.


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