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Title : Dr.
First Name : ROMINA
Last Name : BERTINAT
University/Institution : Universidad de Concepción
Email ID : romibert@gmail.com
City : Concepcion
Country : Chile
State : VIII Region del Bio
Zipcode : 5090000
Department : Cell Biology
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Area of Research
Area of Expertise
Brief Description of Research Interest :
Basically, the aim of my research is to study the effects of diabetes over the kidney function, with special attention to inflammation and fibrosis. Since there is no effective drug available for treatment of diabetic nephropathy to date, understanding the molecular mechanisms of renal damage is critical for the development of new agents that can stop and even revert the progression of this devastating condition.
Representative Publications :

Bertinat R, Nualart F, Yáñez AJ. SGLT2 inhibitors: glucotoxicityand tumorigenesis downstream the renal proximal tubule?. J Cell Physiol. 2015 doi: 10.1002/jcp.25286. [Epub ahead of print]

Salazar K, Martínez M, Ulloa V, Bertinat R, Martínez M, Ramírez E, Jara N, Bongarzone ER, NualartF. SVCT2 overexpression in neuroblastoma cells induces cellular branching thatis associated with ERK signaling. MolNeurobiol. 2015 Dec 8. [Epub ahead of print]

Bertinat R, Nualart F, Li X, Yáñez AJ, Gomis R (2015)Preclinical and Clinical Studies for Sodium Tungstate: Application in Humans. J Clin Cell Immunol. 6(1). pii: 285.

Bertinat R, Silva P, Mann E, Li X, Nualart F, Yáñez AJ (2015) Invivo sodium tungstate treatment prevents E-cadherin loss induced by diabeticserum in HK-2 cell line. JCell Physiol. 230(10):2437-46.

Gatica R, BertinatR, Silva P, Kairath P, Slebe F, Pardo F, Ramírez MJ, Slebe JC, CampistolJM, Nualart F, Caelles C, Yáñez AJ (2015) Over-expression of muscle glycogensynthase in human diabetic nephropathy. HistochemCell Biol. 143(3):313-24.

Gatica R, Bertinat R, Silva P, Carpio D, Ramírez MJ, Slebe JC, San Martín R, Campistol J,Caelles C, Yáñez AJ. 2013. Altered expression and localization of insulin receptor in proximal tubule cells from human and rat diabetic kidney. J Cell Biochem.114(3):639-49.

Nualart F, Castro T, Low M, Henríquez JP, OyarceK, Cisternas P, García A,Yáñez AJ, Bertinat R,Montecinos VP, García-Robles MA. 2013. Dynamic expression of the sodium-vitamin Cco-transporters, SVCT1 and SVCT2, during perinatal kidney development. HistochemCell Biol.139(2):233-47.

RominaBertinat,Juan P. Pontigo, Moisés Pérez, Ilona I. Concha, Rody San Martín,Joan J. Guinovart, Juan C. Slebe, Alejandro J. Yáñez. 2012. Nuclearaccumulation of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase is impaired in diabeticrat liver. J Cell Biochem.113(3):848-56

YáñezAJ, Bertinat R, Spichiger C, Carcamo JG, de Los Angeles GarcíaM, Concha II, Nualart F, Slebe JC. 2005. Novel expression of liverFBPase in Langerhans islets of human and rat pancreas. J CellPhysiol. 205(1):19-24.

YañezAJ, Ludwig HC, Bertinat R, Spichiger C, Gatica R, Berlien G,Leon O, Brito M, Concha II, Slebe JC. 2005. Different involvement foraldolase isoenzymes in kidney glucose metabolism: aldolase B but notaldolase A colocalizes and forms a complex with FBPase. J CellPhysiol. 202(3):743-753.

YáñezAJ, Garcia-Rocha M, Bertinat R, Droppelmann C, Concha II,Guinovart JJ, Slebe JC. 2004. Subcellular localization of liverFBPase is modulated by metabolic conditions. FEBS Lett.577(1-2):154-158.

YánezAJ, Nualart F, Droppelmann C, Bertinat R, Brito M, Concha II,Slebe JC. 2003. Broad expression of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase andphosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase provide evidence forgluconeogenesis in human tissues other than liver and kidney. JCell Physiol. 197(2):189-197.

YáñezAJ, Bertinat R, ConchaII, Slebe JC. 2003. Nuclear localization of liver FBPase isoenzyme inkidney and liver. FEBS Lett. 550(1-3):35-40.

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