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Title : Dr.
Last Name : JUANES
University/Institution : BRANDEIS
Phone # : 07817362454
Email ID : juanes@brandeis.edu
Country : United States
State : Massachusetts
Zipcode : 02454
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Area of Research
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My past research includes different, yet linked, topics dealing with fundamental processes controlling cell cycle-dependent progression and cytoskeleton organization using the budding yeast S. cerevisiae as model system. During several years I studied motor proteins and cell polarity proteins in the context of spindle morphogenesis. In addition, I investigated how polarity components and E3 ubiquitin ligases impact on septin dynamics and cytokinesis.

My current research aimed at understanding the mechanistic cross-talk between the microtubule and actin cytoskeletons using mammalian cell lines and also by reconstituting these systems in vitro.

Representative Publications :

Tamborrini D.,Juanes MA., Rancati G. and Piatti S. Recruitment of the Mitotic Exit Network to the yeast centrosome couples septin displacement to actomyosin ring constriction. (Manuscript under revision  in Nature Communications).

Henty-RidillaJL., Juanes MA. and Goode BL. Profilin Directly Enhances Microtubule Growth Through Residues Mutated in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. (CurrentBiology, 2017, in press).

Juanes MA*, Bouguenina H., Eskin JA., Jaiswal R., Badache A.and Goode BL*. Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) nucleates actin assembly todrive cell migration and microtubule-induced focal adhesion turnover. Journalof Cell Biology, pii: jcb.201702007. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201702007 (2017)(*co-corresponding author)  

-Highlightedat Cancer Biology: APC Delivers Kiss of Death to Focal Adhesions, Nathke I,Current Biology, 21;27(16):R805-R807. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2017.07.028 (2017)

Juanes MA. and Piatti S. Control of Formin Distribution andActin Cable Assembly by the E3 Ubiquitin-Ligases Dma1 and Dma2. Genetics,204 (1): 205-20. Genetics. doi: 10.1534/116.189258 (2016)

Merlini L.,Bolognesi A., Juanes MA., Vandermoere F., Courtellemont T., Pascolutti R., Séveno M., Barral Y. and Piatti S. A novel role for the RhoA GTPase in the control of septin dynamics for cytokinesis, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 26(18): 3245-62 (2015)

Martínez-Garay CA., Juanes MA., Igual JC.,Mingarro I. and Bañó MC. TransmembraneSer of Rot1 protein is essential for yeast cell viability, Biochemical Journal,458 (2):239-49 (2014)

Juanes MA, Khoueiry R., Kupka T., Castro A., Mudrak I., OgrisE., LorcaT., Piatti S. Budding yeast Greatwall and Endosulfines control activity and spatial regulation of PP2ACdc55 for timely mitotic progression, PloS Genetics, 9 (7):e1003575 (2013)

Juanes MA., Twyman H., Tunnacliffe E., Guo Z., ten Hoopen R.,Segal M. Spindle pole body history intrinsically links pole identity with asymmetric fate in budding yeast, Current Biology, 23 (14):1310-1319 (2013)

ten Hoopen R., Cepeda-GarciaC., Fernandez-Arruti R., Juanes MA., Delgehyr N., Segal M.Mechanism for astral microtubule capture by cortical  Bud6p  priming spindle  polarity  in  S. cerevisiae, Current Biology, 22(12):1075-1083 (2012)

Juanes MA., ten Hoopen R., Segal M. Ase1p phosphorylation bycyclin-dependent kinase promotes correct spindle assembly in S. cerevisiae, Cell Cycle, 10 (12):1988-97 (2011)

-Highlightedat Stacking the deck: putting your Ases where you want to them, Cell Cycle15;10(16):2625-6 (2011)

Cepeda Garcia C.,Delgehyr N., Juanes Ortiz MA., ten Hoopen R., Zhiteneva A. and Segal M. Actin-mediated delivery of astral microtubules instructs Kar9p asymmetric loading to the bud-ward spindle pole, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 21 (15):2685-2695 (2010)

Juanes MA., Martínez-Garay CA., Igual JC., Bano MC. Targeting and membrane insertion into the endoplasmic reticulum membrane of Saccharomyces cerevisiae essential protein Rot1, FEMS Yeast Research 10: 639-647 (2010)

Juanes MA., Igual JC. and Bañó MC. Membrane topology and post-translational modificationof the Saccharomyces cerevisiae essential protein Rot1, Yeast 25: 93-106 (2008)

Juanes MA., Queralt E., Bañó MC., Igual JC. Rot1 plays an antagonistic role to Clb2 in actincytoskeleton dynamics throughout the cell cycle, Journal of Cell Science,120:2390-2401 (2007)

Research Chapters, Commentaries and Reviews

Juanes MA**.  Methods ofSynchronization of Yeast Cells for the Analysis of Cell Cycle Progression. BookChapter, Springer. Methods Mol Biol.; 1505:19-34 (2017) (**correspondingauthor)  

Juanes MA. Entangled but finicky ingression protein complexesfor successful cytokinesis. PostDoc Journal, doi: 10.14304/SURYA.JPR.V4N5.5, May (2016)

Juanes MA. and Piatti S. The final cut: cell polarity meetscytokinesis at the bud neck in S. cerevisiae. Cell Molecular Life Science,73(16): 3115-36 (2016)

Juanes MA. Greatwall kinase oncogenic properties open newhorizons for novel human cancer therapies. PostDoc Journal, doi:10.14304/SURYA.JPR.V4N3.5, March (2016)

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