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Title : Dr.
First Name : VIJAY
Last Name : MENON
University/Institution : Yale University
Phone # : 804-938-0084
Email ID : vijay.menon@yale.edu
City : New Haven
Country : United States
State : Connecticut
Zipcode : 06511
Department : Therapeutic Radiology
Company Name :
Area of Research
DNA Damage and Repair, UV-Induced Mutations
Area of Expertise
Cancer Biology, DNA damage response and repair, mTOR signaling, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Brief Description of Research Interest :
My research interests essentially fall under DNA Damage Response (DDR) and Repair and Erythroid Biology. 
My earlier work has been on platinum based compounds and their mechanism of action in cancer cells. I then moved on to study the role of cell cycle related kinases in DDR and mTOR signaling. This was followed by a postdoctoral training in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where my project was to understand the mechanism of mitochondrial regulation during erythropoiesis using mouse models. Currently, I am an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Therapeutic Radiology at Yale University wherein I am trying to utilize UV-induced mutations in sun-exposed skin as a measure of past ultraviolet light exposure and new predictor of future skin cancer risk. 
Representative Publications :

Wilson A, Menon V, Khan Z, Alam A, Litovchick L, Yakovlev V. Nitric Oxide-donor/PARP-inhibitor combination: a new approach for sensitization to ionizing radiation. Redox Biology. 2019.

Menon VR*, AnanthapadmanabhanV*, Swanson S, Saini S, Sesay F, Yakovlev V, Florens V, DeCaprio JA, Washburn M, Dozmorov M, Litovchick L. DYRK1A regulates the recruitment of 53BP1 to the sites of DNA damage in part through interaction with RNF169. Cell Cycle. 2019.

*Equal Contribution

Menon V and Ghaffari S. Transcription Factors FOXO in the Regulation of Homeostatic Hematopoiesis. Current Opinion in Hematology. 2018 (Invited Review).

Menon V and Povirk L. XLF/Cernunnos: An important but puzzling participant in the nonhomologous end joining DNA repair pathway. DNA Repair. 2017

Menon V and Povirk L. End-processing nucleases and phosphodiesterases: An elite supporting cast for the non-homologous end joining pathway of DNA double-strand break repair. DNA Repair. 2016

Peterson EJ, Menon VR, Gatti L,Kipping R, Dewasinghe D, Perego P, Povirk LF, Farrell N. Nucleolar Targeting by Platinum. p53-independent Apoptosis Follows rRNA Inhibition, Cell-cycle Arrest and DNA Compaction. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2014

Menon V, Peterson E, Valerie K, Farrell N, Povirk L. Ligand modulation of a dinuclear platinum compound leads to mechanistic differences in cell cycle progression and arrest. Biochemical Pharmacology.2013

Akopiants K, Mohapatra S, Menon V, ZhouT, Valerie K, Povirk L. Tracking the processing of damaged DNA double-strand break ends by ligation-mediated PCR: Increased persistence of 3´-phosphoglycolate termini in SCAN1 cells. Nucleic Acids Research. 2013

Mohapatra S, Yannone S, Lee Suk-Hee, Hromas R, Akopiants K, Menon V, Ramsden D, Povirk L. Trimming of damaged 3′ overhangs of DNA double-strand breaks by the Metnase and Artemis endonucleases. DNA Repair (Amst. 2013)


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