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Title : Dr.
First Name : WENQIANG
Last Name : CHEN
University/Institution : Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Phone # : 6175990727
Email ID : wenqiang.chen@childrens.harvard.edu
City : Boston
Country : United States
State : Massachusetts
Zipcode : 02115
Department : Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Company Name :
Area of Research
Area of Expertise
depression, drug addiction
Brief Description of Research Interest :

Dr. Wenqiang Chen earned his Ph.D. in neurobiology at The University of Hong Kong and is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in the Zhang Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and HHMI since February 2017. He is interested in the molecular and circuitry mechanism of the brain reward system and is trying his best to understand the pathophysiology of drug addiction. He has expertise in system neuroscience, using techniques including behavioral assays, neuronal tracing, stereotaxis surgery, as well as in vivo single-unit recording and in vivo Calcium imaging.

Dr. Chen is enthusiasm for participating in social activities and science-related events. Previously he served as multiple leadership in different associations and organizations, including Vice President of Student Union of School of Pharmacy during his undergraduate, President of Postgraduate Student Association of St. John’s College during his Ph.D.. In the spare time, he likes attending concerts in Symphony Orchestra and playing the violin alone or in the Orchestra. He is a big fan of classical music. He also loves doing gym and running along the Charles River.

Representative Publications :

Chen ZD*, Chen WQ*,Cao DN, Wang ZY, Wu N, Li J. Antidepressant-like action of agmatine in theacute and sub-acute mouse models of depression: a receptor mechanism study. Metabolic Brain Disease. 2018. 33(5):1721-1731.(*Equal contribution)

Qiu XY*, Hu DX*, Chen WQ,Chen RQ, Qian SR, Li CY, Li YJ, Xiong XX, Liu D, Pan F, Yu SB, Chen XQ. PD-L1confers glioblastoma multiform malignancy via Ras binding and Ras/Erk/EMTactivation. BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease. 2018. 1864:1754-1769 (*Equal contribution)

Liu Y*, Lu GY*, Chen WQ,Li YF, Wu N, Li J. Agmatine inhibits chronic morphine exposure-inducedimpairment of hippocampal neural progenitor proliferation in adult rats. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2018.818:50-56 (*Equal contribution)

ChenWQ, Zhang YZ, Yuan L, Li YF, Li J. Neurobehavioral evaluation of adolescentmale rats following repeated exposure to chlorpyrifos. Neuroscience Letters. 2014; 570(C): 76-80

ChenWQ, Ma H, Bian JM, Zhang YZ, Li J. Hyper-phosphorylation ofGSK-3β: possible roles in chlorpyrifos-induced behavioral alterations in animalmodel of depression. NeuroscienceLetters. 2012; 528(2): 148-152

ChenWQ, Yuan L, Xue R, Li YF, Su RB, Zhang YZ, Li J.Repeated exposure to chlorpyrifos alters the performance of adolescent malerats in animal models of depression and anxiety. Neurotoxicology. 2011; 32(4): 355-361.


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