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Title : Ms.
First Name : MIRIAM ROSE
Last Name : MENEZES
University/Institution : University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
Phone # : 203-285-9385
Email ID : miriamrosemenezes@gmail.com
City : Houston
Country : United States
State : Texas
Zipcode : 77025
Department : Neurosurgery
Company Name :
Area of Research
Cancer Biology
Area of Expertise
DNA repair, miRNAs, cancer drug discovery, mouse models
Brief Description of Research Interest :
I am primarily interested in identifying the factors (genetic as well as non-genetic) that lead to the onset and progression of cancer. I aim to utilize this information to not only develop better targeted therapies for tumors but also better diagnostic and prognostic markers for cancer. 

To achieve this objective, I am identifying small molecules that restore let-7 levels in LIN28 positive tumors. I have developed a luciferase cell-based assay to screen approximately 90,000 compounds comprising the Prestwick, LOPAC and Maybridge Libraries. Our top hits were identified and validated in LIN28-positive breast, ovarian and hepatocellular carcinoma lines. These lead molecules hold therapeutic promise for 15% cancer patients that have LIN28 positive tumors.

I am also developing novel mouse models to identify the role of LIN28 as well as post-transcriptional uridylation on the latency of breast cancer.  
Representative Publications :



1.             Menezes MR*, Balzeau J* and Hagan JP. 3’ RNA Uridylation in Epitranscriptomics, Gene Regulation, and Disease, 2018, Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 


2.             Yan-Ning Rui, Zhen Xu, Xiaoqian, Fang, Miriam R. Menezes, Julien Balzeau, Airu Niu, John P. Hagan, Dong H. Kim. The Intracranial Aneurysm Gene THSD1 Connects Endosome Dynamics to Nascent Focal Adhesion Assembly, 2017, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry.


3.             Ji D, Stepchenkova E, Cui J, Menezes MR, Pavlov YI, Kool E, Measuring Deaminated Nucleotide Surveillance Enzyme ITPA Activity with an ATP-releasing Nucleotide Chimera, Nucleic Acids Research. 2017


4.             Z Xu, YN Rui, J Balzeau, MR Menezes, A Niu, JP Hagan, DH Kim. Highly efficient one-step scarless protein tagging by type IIS restriction endonuclease mediated precision cloning. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2017


5.             Balzeau J*, Menezes MR*, Cao S* and Hagan JP. The LIN28/let-7Pathway in Cancer. Front. Genet. 8:31.doi: 10.3389/fgene.2017.00031, 2017


6.             S. Ray, M. R. Menezes,A. Senejani and J.B. Sweasy. Cellular Roles of DNA polymerase Beta. Yale J Biol Med 86(4): 463-9 PMID: 24348210, 2013


7.             I.S Waisertreiger, V Liston, M. R.Menezes, K Hyun, K Lobachev, E Stepchenkova, T Tahirov, I Rogozin, Y.I. Pavlov. Modulation of mutagenesis in eukaryotesby DNA replication forkdynamics and quality of nucleotide pools. Environ Mol. Mutagen. 53(9): 699-724PMID: 23055184, 2013


8.             M. R Menezes*, I.S Waisertreiger*, H Lopez-Bertoni, X Luo, Y. I. Pavlov. Pivotal role of inosine triphosphate pyrophosphatase in maintaining genome stability and prevention of apoptosis in human cells. PLoS One. 7(2): e32313 PMID: 22384212, 2012


9.             M. R. Menezesand J.B. Sweasy. Mouse Models of DNA Polymerases. Environ Mol. Mutagen. PMID: 23001988, 2012


10.          S. Waisertreiger*, M. RMenezes*and Y. I. Pavlov. Elevated levels of DNA strand breaks induced by base analog in the human cell line with the P32T ITPA variant. J.Nucleic Acids, pii: 872180 PMID: 20936128, 2010


11. E.I. Stepchenkova, E.R. Tarakhovskaya, K. Spitler, C Frahm, M. R. Menezes, PD Simone, CKolar, L.A. Marky, G.E Borgstahl, Y.I. Pavlov. Functional study of the P32T ITPA variant associated with drug sensitivity in humans. J Mol Biol2009

* - Equal Contribution, 

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