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Current Research Approaches to Target Biofilm Infections.
Erik van Tilburg Bernardes, Shawn Lewenza, and Shauna Reckseidler-Zenteno
Athabasca University
Faculty of Science and Technology, 1 Athabasca Drive, Athabasca

This review will focus onstrategies to develop new treatments that target the biofilm mode of growth andthat can be used to treat biofilm infections. These approaches aim to reduce orinhibit biofilm formation, or to increase biofilm dispersion. Many antibiofilmcompounds are not bactericidal but render the cells in a planktonic growthstate, which are more susceptible to antibiotics and more easily cleared by theimmune system. Novel compounds are being developed with antibiofilm activitythat includes antimicrobial peptides, natural products, small molecules andpolymers. Bacteriophages are being considered for use in treating biofilms, aswell as the use of enzymes that degrade the extracellular matrix polymers todissolve biofilms. There is great potential in these new approaches for use intreating chronic biofilm infections.


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