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Clinical implications of the natural history of insulin secretory and sensitivity defects
Battezzati A, De Carlo G, Bedogni G, Leone A, et al.
University of Milan
International Center for the Assessment of Nutritional Status, DeFENS, University of Milan, Italy

Background. Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes, the most prevalent comorbidity in older patients, is often anticipated by pulmonary and nutritional decay. Insulin secretory (IS) and resistance (IR) defects are involved but their progression rates, determinants and implications for nutritional, respiratory and clinical outcomes are unclear. We reported that IS and IR are related to respiratory and nutritional status (Project FFC #16/2005)

Hypothesis and objectives. 1) To provide CF population-specific estimates of the time course of IS and IR defects quantified by a model previously developed; 2) To identify risk factors associated to their progression rates and patients negative outcomes


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