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Publication Delays in Peer-Reviewed Journals of Otolaryngology, Audiology And Speech Lang
Yike Li, and David Zealer.
Vanderbilt University
Department of Otolaryngology, VU Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, 37232, U.S.A.  

The primary objective of this study was to investigate publication delays in scholarly peer‐reviewed journals in the field of otolaryngology, audiology and speech pathology. A list of 58 journals indexed in the Journal Citation Report by Thomson Reuters were included.  Bibliographic content of publications in these journals from 2007-2017 was extracted from the National Center for Biotechnology Information databases using the “RISMed” package of R. The acceptance delay was defined as the time lapse between the submission date and the acceptance date. The editorial delay was the time lapse between the acceptance date and the publication date. These data were plotted using the “ggplot” function. A total of 28084 articles were eligible for data analysis. 


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