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Addgene: a global resource working to enhance scientific reproducibility
Tyler Ford, PhD.
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

Reproducibility, here defined as the ability to apply published research findings to future work, is key to the successful and efficient advancement of science. There are many tools available to help researchers make their work reproducible. These tools enable users to think carefully about experimental designs, to explicitly and tenaciously describe experimental procedures, and to easily/effectively share the results of their work. Addgene provides many such tools to help make research more reproducible. Indeed, Addgene’s primary role in reproducibility is to make it easier for researchers to share reagents, but Addgene also interacts with many other aspects of reproducibility in important and subtle ways. Addgene validates reagents, provides access to resources that make it easier to use reagents, and enables researchers to quickly find the proper tools for their work so they can spend more time thinking about experimental design.


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