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Are women better leaders? Insights from psychology
Justin Fendos, PhD
Dongseo University,Fudan University
Department of Life Sciences, Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea 617716
Tan School of Genetics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China 508915


In both political and business leadership, gender inequality is a topic of frequent discussion. When examining the literature, one can find a deluge of peer-reviewed articles linking gender differences to leadership. This makes a comprehensive review of the findings untenable. The present work, therefore, focuses instead on reviewing the results from two complementary methodological approaches: self-assessments and other-assessments. Self-assessments involve the administration of surveys and questionnaires to leaders, asking them to rate their own leadership preferences and self-efficacies. Other-assessments involve collecting data from subordinates, peers, and superiors. Surprisingly, both methods offer very similar conclusions about gender differences in leadership: women are generally perceived as being better leaders than men, especially for transformational purposes.


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