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A Review of Flexible and Weaveable Fiber-Like Supercapacitors
Chuizhou Meng
Purdue University
Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA
The rapid development of small, thin, lightweight, and even flexible wearable electronic devices has led to a growing need for matchable textile energy storage devices with high performance. Among different sources, supercapacitors are capable of providing higher power density than their counterparts and are drawing tremendous interest from both research and engineering communities. Just in the past two years, flexible and weaveable fiber-like supercapacitors have emerged and attracted increasing research attention. In this up-to-date review, after a brief introduction of supercapacitor principle, performance, and electrode/electrolyte materials, we summarize the current development of two types of fiber-like supercapacitors, as well as various advanced fiber electrode materials that have been utilized. Finally, we discuss integrated fiber-like power systems incorporated with fiber-like supercapacitors and fiber-like energy harvesting and conversion devices, and identify new research trends in materials, fabrication, and future applications.

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