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Journal of Postdoctoral Research (JPR) - Vol. 6, No. 3, March 2018
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Editorial: Leptin - The Central Regulator of Starvation
Vidisha Raje, PhD
The Role of Leptin in Maintaining Plasma Glucose During Starvation
Rachel J. Perry and Gerald I. Shulman
Circadian-tumor suppressor crosstalk: Emerging opportunities in cancer chronotherapy
Tetsuya Gotoh, Xianlin Zou, Carla V. Finkielstein
Editorial: Injecting new life into intracellular delivery methods
Kathy Myers Gschweng, Ph.D.
Recent Advances in Mammalian Cell Transfection Techniques
Andy Tay, PhD, and Nicholas Melosh, PhD.
Stock Risk Assessment via Multi-Objective Genetic Programming
Amirhessam Tahmassebi, Amir H. Gandomi, Anke Meyer-Baese
Therapeutic Potential of Biologically Active Resin Glycoside Natural Products
Ehesan U. Sharif, PhD.
Assignment of Absolute Stereochemistry of Hydroxyl Centre Using Mandalate Ester: An Anisotropic Effect of Phenyl Group on Remote Protons
Ganapathy S. Sankaran, Vasantha R, Dandamudi V. Lenin, Sivaraman Balasubramaniam
EDITORIAL: Mining gold to treat the untreatable: Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Based Nucleosidic Compounds
Sharmistha Mitra, PhD
6-Mercaptopurine Nucleoside Complexes of Gold(I): Synthesis and Cytotoxicity
Ayan Maity, Nihal Deligonul, Anthony J. Berdis, and Thomas G. Gray

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