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Journal of Postdoctoral Research (JPR) - Vol. 5, No. 9, September 2017
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EDITORIAL: Targeting DNA repair as cancer therapy: TLS comes into focus
Jia Zhou, Ph.D.
Translesion Synthesis: An emerging new target during chemotherapy
Cynthia A. Harris and Nimrat Chatterjee, PhD
Understanding the Potential Barriers and Facilitators for Enrolling Postdoctoral Fellows: A Case Study of Medical Colleges in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
Wilson L. Mandala, Ph.D., Amelia C. Challender, Margaret Maimbolwa, Exnevia Gomo, Moffat Nyirenda, Frances M.Cowan, Susan C. Connors
Natural Killer Cells in Cancer: An Overview
Aparna Rao,Ph.D., and Nduka Amankulor, Ph.D.
Does More Education Promote Civic Engagement?
Zhaogang Qiao, Ph.D., Ying Zhang, Ph.D., and Guodong Liang, Ph.D. 
Role of the Spindle and kinetochore associated (Ska) protein complex in mitotic progression
Sushama Sivakumar, Ph.D.
EDITORIAL: Metal Hydrides as Catalytic Intermediates
Sarah R. Soltau, Ph.D.
Metal Hydrides as Catalytic Intermediates: The Curious Case of Iron Carbonyl Clusters
Atefeh Taheri, Ph.D. and Louise A. Berben, Ph.D.
Chinese Anti-Corruption Policy Choices in a Transitional Stage
Zhaogang Qiao, Ph.D., and Ying Zhang, Ph.D.
Cyanobacterial biofactories: combining evolved and synthetic genetic regulatory mechanisms to yield carbon-neutral bioproducts
Logan A. Brand, and George W. Owttrim, Ph.D.

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